Sunday, September 18, 2016

Changing Focus

I went on a walk today.
I wasn't looking for anything particular, just needed some fresh air.

I saw a flower growing in some rocks and it felt familiar.
"Bloom where you're planted."
I snapped a pic with my phone and kept walking.

I was bummed when I saw that it's out of focus though.
Nice clear rocks, fuzzy flower.

Then it hit me:
"You're focusing on the wrong things."
I started blogging to find and to share inspiration.
I feel like sometimes I'm successful but mostly
I think I'm trying hard to be like other people.
I stopped blogging because it's stressing me out.

"Look how cute my house is because of my incredible DIY talents!"
My house is usually a mess. I work full time and just want to veg out when I get home, not scrub toilets or make planters out of toilets.

"Every meal I make is a picture-perfect masterpiece that my whole family loves!"
I hate making dinner. It takes hours of work for 10 minutes of eating and it rarely pleases everyone.

"Look how skinny I am because of my herculean efforts to change my life!"
I'm tired. I want to sleep. And I ate potato chips for lunch yesterday.

"Watching my little ones grow is so inspiring!"
I have 3 teenage boys. And sometimes they smell. But I love them.

My reality means trying to juggle work and kids and church callings and family outings and doctor appointments and panic attacks and allergy season. I feel like I don't have time to blog because it takes so much time. But I think I'm focusing on, and therefore blogging about, the wrong things.

So instead of just "tp tube crafts" and "cheesecake recipe" posts, you're going to be seeing more
"I survived a social engagement" and "Well, that didn't work" posts.

If that's your reality too, let's enjoy this ride together.
YAY, life!
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  1. Hello TJ!. My name is Victoria and I'm writing you from Valencia (Spain). I agree completely with you those posts of absolutely perfect homes, absolutely perfect children, absolutely perfect meals, lots of new and original crafts, quilts or whatever, absolutely fit with an absolutely perfect skins, wonderful husbands, wonderful family, friends and neighbours. THAT'S NOT REAL, that can't be real. I think those women have blogs as businesses with an enormous team of stylists, writers, photographers, personal trainers for them, cooks for those lovely meals. Real people can't be and have all that everyday at all times. So I agree with you, let's be real and have real blogs. I'll be following your REAL posts from now on. Love!!

  2. I totally agree and actually want to repost what you wrote as I am sure there are many many women young and old and maybe even men who can relate to ..."STOP...trying to be PERFECT1"
    When I read what you wrote I can't tell you how refreshing it was to read such a gut level honest report...THANK YOU!
    I do not have a page as you have. I look and I think and it ruminates in my mind..."What if" you know what your honesty that I read today did for made me face reality...I am creative with lots of ideas BUT I am NOT organized AT ALL and to keep up a blog with all these catagories would be the end of me...or the blog much sooner. I have other responsibilities and interests and it is is OK to do something and then decide it does not fit anymore. I do enjoy scanning here and there but then that could become an Impossible Dream as well...I cannot ever think to do a very small amount of projects I bookmark...oh you should see my Pinterest Page...I probably will still bookmark and look at Pinterest but today, because of you I feel liberated because of your honest to goodness truthful post. I thank you for being so vulnerable and I will put to rest my wrestling with doing "more".